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Air nozzle blast equipment
There are two means of propelling abrasive media using compressed air for the purpose of blast cleaning.They are the pressure blast nozzle systems and the suction (induction) blast nozzle systems. Both pressure blast and suction blast nozzle systems require high power to generate pressurized air used to accelerate and propel the abrasive. This requirement is due to aerodynamic inefficiencies in accelerating the spherical or angular abrasive particles, especially the higher density ferrous abrasives. A comparison with airless abrasive blast wheels that require about just 10% of the horse power required by the air blast system to throw equal amount of abrasive at the same velocities.

Hand Blast Cabinet
Hand blast cabinet is a type of suction blast system that is generally considered the simplest form of abrasive blast equipment. The suction blast cabinets may be used manually or may have fixed or oscillating nozzles.

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