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2. Blast room
Blast room hopper The high cost of air blast system is unavoidable is many situations where the work piece cannot fit into the wheel blast machine, hence a choice is in between either open blast or doing it in a room with an environment friendly design. Modern blast rooms are designed with features and equipment that should,
  • Minimize power usage per unit surface area
  • Maximize productive labor hours

The development history evolved from simply an enclosed room space, to improve abrasive recovery methods with full features. Abrasive recovery refers to the combination of conveyors and means of cleaning the abrasives upon it returning to the storage tank ready for use again.
Conveyor types are V‐belt, screw, elevator, vacuum with combination of rotary brush and blow‐off cleaning.Abrasive cleaning can be by mesh screen filter, air wash separator and dust collector in its path of conveying. Not forgetting that design should also cater for the correct type of abrasive media selected that constitute a major cost in the process expenditure.

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