Weblast specializes in surface preparation equipment design and fabrication for metal working industry.
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Shot blasts machine
Shot blast machine Shot Blast Machine is a term of use to described an equipment that embodies integrated built-in features of,
  • One or more centrifugal projection rotary wheel driven by motor
  • A blasting cabinet protected with liners to keep abrasives in side the system
  • A conveyor system designed to move that work parts in a suitable manner through the projected blast system
  • The recovery system combining abrasive conveying, cleaning, separation, storing, and feeds
  • Dust collector connected with ducting to remove dust generated during the blasting process
  • Several other add-ons uniquely selected for different requirement
The system material handling used for the machine designate the different categories in equipment grouping, called such as roller conveying, skew roll, apron belt, rotary table, monorail and portable blast head system.
  1. Roller conveying type - Roll conveyor section blasting machine is the main product type produced by Weblast. This type of machine is extensively used in shipyards and steel fabrication shops for blast cleaning of raw material such as I-beam, bar, plate and pipe as well as fabricated work pieces.
  2. Skew rolling type - Skew roll conveying is used for tubular material or round bar of certain length. The conveying motion rotates the rounded external surface and brings it in forward direction too.
  3. Apron belt - Tumblast machine uses an endless belt conveyor, moving inwards around two side circular discs achieving the purpose of tumbling the work pieces to expose all surfaces under the blasting stream.
  4. Rotary table - Rotary table machine is simple as per its name where work pieces sit on top of the perforated blast liner table top. The blast stream position from the top cleans the work surfaces partially. Turning around the work piece upside down is required for complete cleaning.
  5. Monorail - Monorail rail hanger type machine is suitable for high production output. It basically carries the work pieces with various form of hanger, hung down from the monorail hoist or trolley, conveyed pass the blasting cabinet to complete the cleaning process. The hanger is usually designed to be rotated under the blasting stream for least wheels installed. Flat work pieces can be cleaned without rotating it with blast wheels located on both sides of the pass line. A combination of as many as 8 wheels is often used for large & long fabricated part that goes straight through the blast cabinet.
  6. Internal surface blast system - Doing internal surface blast cleaning of steel pipe uses several type of design, from the small rotary or fixed angle nozzle to high production blasting using wheel blast head going through the full pipe length. Weblast has commissioned a few such high production systems for spiral pipe makers in the region.

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